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Pokkén Tournament officially adds Blaziken to its roster

Pokken Tournament Blaziken

Charizard is not the only fire-type Pokémon to be joining Bandai Namco’s Pokémon fighting game, Pokkén Tournament. The company has just revealed its latest fighter, the Fighting/Fire-type chicken Blaziken.

I usually tend to not be fan of any Pokémon outside of the original 151, but I’ve always liked the final evolutions of each generation’s starters, especially the Hoenn games. Blaziken takes a close second to Swampert, who would also make an excellent addition to a fighting game, in that generation, so he is a really solid choice.

As a fighting-type Pokémon, it comes with a handful of excellent martial art techniques. Its fire based “Flare Drive” ultimate attack is just a little extra topping on top. Because “fire.” You know.

Blaziken was in the very first leaked screenshots ever revealed of Pokkén Tournament, but this is the first we have seen of it in an official capacity from Bandai Namco. The arcade game launches tomorrow in Japan, and Bandai Namco has said that it might be coming West in the future.


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