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Apple Store employees class-action lawsuit picks up steam

by Jacob Kleinman | July 16, 2015July 16, 2015 4:00 pm PDT

Apple Store Environment

Visiting the Apple Store can be a fun experience, but for the company’s employees it’s an entirely different story. A class-action lawsuit in California against Cupertino is picking up steam over embarrassing and time-wasting bag searches allegedly carried out in its stores.

The lawsuit was certified by a federal judge in California on Thursday, Reuters reports. The complaints actually date back to 2013 and details alleged mistreatment at Apple Stores. Last month, emails surfaced revealing that CEO Tim Cook only learned about the practice a few years ago after one employee emailed him directly.

Retail employees were apparently subject to bag searches in an effort to curb theft. However, the searches were carried out in public in front of shoppers, which workers described as demeaning. The suit also demands payment for the time spent on these searches, which came out of employees scheduled breaks.

The class-action lawsuit is now headed to trial, so we may learn more about exactly how high up this practice of bag searches went. Apple has a strong legal team, though its efforts to stop the case so far haven’t been very successful.


Jacob Kleinman

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