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Seaman was, in fact, coming to the 3DS, but it was cancelled

by Joey Davidson | July 15, 2015July 15, 2015 6:40 pm PDT


Way back in February of 2012, a rumor from Japanese publication Nikkei suggested that the odd and incredible Seaman was bound for the Nintendo 3DS. This was part of an effort to revive old brands from past competitors on the handheld.

That rumor would go on to be denied vehemently by the recently departed Satoru Iwata. It turns out, however, that the rumor was more fact than fiction despite the denial.

While talking about his memories of Iwata in a blog post, as translated by NeoGAF forum member ZefahSeaman creator Yoot Saito casually offered that he was working on a new game for the 3DS.

When Iwata-san came to ask me to create Seaman for the 3DS, I like to think he was in the same frame of mind as when he first came to visit me at my apartment back in 1999. I did start working on the project, but things got really complicated and I eventually let go of it. Unfortunately that brought an end to our relationship, where I could just casually visit him in Kyoto and have fun exchanging new ideas. I felt like we needed some time before we could go back to the kind of creativity-filled relationship.

Saito’s full post is one filled with immense regret. Beyond just this Seaman tidbit, it seems the game maker felt like he disappointed Iwata. He even drops a quick apology regarding how long it took to finish Odama.

Also, I’m really sorry for being late with Odama, causing it to completely miss the window for it to be a success. There’s so much more I want to tell you, but I really don’t know what to do with myself after hearing about your sudden departure in the news.

I came for the Seaman news with this post, but I stayed for the other stuff within. If you have even a passing interest in game creation and the Japanese industry and personality, check it out in the source link below.

NeoGAF Yoot

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