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Hayao Miyazaki coming out of retirement to direct a CG short

by Ron Duwell | July 15, 2015July 15, 2015 1:20 pm PST

Kiki's Delivery Service

Japan’s most famous and beloved anime director Hayao Miyazaki has come out of retirement for a third or fourth time now to get back to what he does best, making great films. You just can’t keep a master down.

Unfortunately, this news comes with a Totoro sized ton of baggage. For one thing, the film will be a short, not an entire feature length film. No Kiki’s Delivery Service or Castle in the Sky here, just a brief short. Two, it will only be released at the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo, so you’ll have to travel if you want to see it and pray that it coincidentally happens to be playing on the day you visit.

Don’t be dumb like me by forgetting to make a reservation before you go.

Third, Miyazaki will be tossing his classic form of cel animation to the wind for this film, creating his first movie using pure CG. Not that this is a slight against CG animation, it’s just something different, and we all know how much fanbases hate things that are “different.” Four, the 10 minute film will take full three years to fully create! Expect impeccable detail in the animation. I doubt Toy Story III even took that long to make.

If you can deal with those four points, then you’ll be fine. And guess what! It stars a caterpillar! How cute! This will be Miyazaki’s first directorial job since his 2013 film, The Wind Rises.


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