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Batman v Superman—Check out Batman’s amazing power armor

by Brandon Russell | July 10, 2015July 10, 2015 8:40 am PST

When Batman takes on Superman next year in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, he’ll don some hefty armor. At Comic-Con on Thursday, we got a chance to peak at the batsuit firsthand, and it looks absolutely incredible.

In the movie, the power armor will give Batman the strength he needs to fight on equal terms with Superman. Of course, it’s not just the suit that Batman uses to his advantage; word has it he’ll also use kryptonite to weaken Supes. Maybe Batman’s saying he’ll make Superman bleed wasn’t such an empty threat after all.

The suit looks much better than I expected. It doesn’t look too big; it’s believable without being comical. And, on top of it looking tough, it also looks agile, presumably meant to give Batman the freedom necessary to quickly move around when he takes on Superman.

We’ll hopefully see the armor in action when Warner Bros. hosts a panel about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice this Saturday. With the movie’s March 25, 2016 release fast approaching, there’s a decent chance we’ll get a proper trailer—hopefully more than that teaser we already saw (below).

Once that drops, we’ll be all over it. Until then, admire these pictures of Batman’s beautiful power armor, along with some other shots—including a handful of Batman gadgets—from the upcoming movie.

Brandon Russell

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