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ZenFone 2 hacked to run Windows 7

by Jacob Kleinman | July 9, 2015July 9, 2015 5:40 pm PDT

ASUS’s decision to pack the ZenFone 2 with an Intel chip instead of the latest from Qualcomm might seem a bit odd but it has its advantages. For one thing, it paved the way for a coder to get Windows 7 running on what should be an Android device.

That’s right, an XDA-Developers senior member going by the username “ycavan” has hacked the ASUS smartphone to run Windows software. Thanks to that Intel Atom chip, Windows 7 actually runs pretty smooth on the device. The developer claims it would also be possible to get Windows 8 or even Windows 10 on the ZenFone 2, at least in theory.

Getting Windows running on the Android phone isn’t exactly easy. You’ll need to unlock the bootloader, flash a special kernel, partition the SD card and enter a series of specific terminal commands. After that, you should be able to run this old version of Windows on your new smartphone.

Why you’d actually want to do that is unclear. Maybe you’re just looking for bragging rights? Don’t let us stop you though, but we’d recommend at least backing up your ZenFone 2 before you dive in. Check out the video below for a closer look.

Yua Ca Van (YouTube) XDA-

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