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Pre-order Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden at Amazon, get Super Butoden 2 for free

by Ron Duwell | July 9, 2015July 9, 2015 9:40 am PDT

Dragon Ball Z Bundle

If you really must to pre-order the physical version of Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden for the Nintendo 3DS, you might want to consider doing it at Amazon. Those that do will get an exclusive deal that will land them a free version of Dragon Ball Z: Super Budoten 2 for Wii U Virtual Console.

The Super Famicom fighter has never been released in North America, so this will be the first time many will get a chance to play it without the use of emulators. It covers the Cell story arc of Dragon Ball Z before moving into the non-canonical films with Bojack and Broly appearing as characters as well. It’s not the best fighting game out there, but you can hardly imagine the excitement when we discovered an entire line-up of Dragon Ball Z fighters back in the late 90s thanks to the emulation scene.

See? Not all piracy is evil.

Dragon Ball Z Super Budoten 2

Just remember that this game will not be translated, and it will be in Japanese.

As for Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden content, six support characters will be made available through early access, including kid Goku from Dragon Ball, Garlic Jr. from The Dead Zone film, Vegito, Frieza, baby Goku, and Gohan as he first appeared in the show.

Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden is a fighting game for the Nintendo 3DS developed by Arc System Works. It has over 20 playable characters, 100 support characters, and it will be released on Oct. 23.

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