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Mega Man X6 hits PlayStation Network in Japan, licensing issues seem clear

by Ron Duwell | July 9, 2015July 9, 2015 2:40 pm PST

Mega Man X6

The year of miracles for Mega Man fans just continues to roll along. Mega Man X4 and Mega Man X5 have been sitting nice and pretty there on the PlayStation Store for quite a while, but my collection just doesn’t feel complete without Mega Man X6. The game has proven to be just as illusive as the two Mega Man Legends games up to this point.

Capcom has come out candidly on the issue with this one, saying it is a song that is holding the game back from digital re-release, but that issue now seems to have cleared itself up. Mega Man X6 is now available as a PSOne Classic on the PlayStation Network in Japan.

It’s unknown if the issues that held it back in Japan carry over into North America, and it is unknown if Capcom in America even wants to pursue the re-release of a game with such a mediocre reputation. However, those who want to play Mega Man X6 have a much stronger reason to hold onto hope for a possible tour through the digital channels.

For me, it just seems like a step towards having a full collection. I played Mega Man X6 once back in the day, but unlike X4 and X5, I have zero memories of it. It’s just an entry that exists and inspires no nostalgia from me.

Ron Duwell

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