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Meerkat gets some awesome new features in biggest update ever

Meerkat may have launched using Twitter’s network, but the live streaming service has officially declared its independence. Moving forward, the app will offer deep integration with Facebook instead of Twitter, while also introducing a few other new features.

Before now, you could login with Facebook to watch a Meerkat stream, but that was about it. Now the app will automatically connect you with your Facebook friends. You’ll know as soon as they sign up or launch a stream, making it easy to join in live.

Another new feature, Cameo, lets you make a guest appearance in someone else’s stream. All they have to do is tap on your profile picture and hit the Cameo button. Then you’ll have 60 seconds of screen time, though you can always stop early if you want.

Finally, the Meerkat library makes it easy to organize recordings of your old streams. The feature, which is still in beta, lays out your videos in a grid view. You can choose which to make public or private right from your browser by heading to (insert your username in that space, of course.)

The update is available now in Apple’s App Store. The Android app was also updated on Wednesday, but there’s no mention of any of these new features. Hopefully it’s not too long before the new version of Meerkat hits Google Play as well.


Jacob Kleinman

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