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Waze takes on Uber with new carpooling app RideWith

by Jacob Kleinman | July 6, 2015July 6, 2015 1:00 pm PDT

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Uber has a new rival and this one may be a real threat to its business. Waze, the Google-owned social mapping app, announced plans for a new carpooling service where riders pay drivers a “small fee” for the trip to work and back home, Reuters reports.

The new pilot program is launching in Israel, where Waze is based. It’s called RideWith, and plans to leverage the company’s data to match drivers with riders as efficiently as possible. So if you drive the same way to the office every morning, the app might match you with someone who lives and works along your route.

RideWith could take a big bite out of Uber’s business if it catches on. The car service startup and a few other competitors currently offer shared trips through services like UberPOOL, which still requires a semi-professional driver behind the wheel. Giving regular commuters the option to make a few extra bucks on the way to work could be a real game-changer, though there’s no guarantee it will ever expand beyond Israel.

“We’re conducting a small, private beta test in the greater Tel Aviv area for a carpool concept, but we have nothing further to announce at this time,” Waze said in a statement to Reuters.

Waze notes that the service limits drivers to two trips per day. That means you can’t cruise around looking to make more money. Instead, it really does work like a traditional carpool, just with total strangers. If RideWith ever expands to the U.S., we’ll be sure to give it a shot. Until then, there are plenty of other options.


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