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What would Mario look like in Unreal Engine 4?

by Ron Duwell | June 29, 2015June 29, 2015 3:30 pm PST

Seeing as Nintendo loves to build its own unique graphic engines from the ground up, you’re about to witness something that would never actually happen in real life. Mario is making his debut in an unofficial Unreal Engine 4 build from YouTube user Aryoksini.

Using his past experience making Mario animations, Aryoksini’s Unreal Mario is based off the actions of Super Mario 64 only completely re-rendered up to modern standards. Other than that, the only difference is that Mario doesn’t hit up his usual locations like the Bom-omb Battlefield or drop baby penguins off a cliff in Cool Cool Mountain. Instead, he travels to other mundane places created using the Unreal Engine 4: A museum, a factory.

Each of them surprisingly have Unreal rendered coins, though.

Not bad, but seeing how Nintendo would be the absolute last company to adapt to standards and use the Unreal Engine 4, something about seeing Mario like this just seems dirty. I need to go take a shower. The comparison shots at the end of the video is a perfect example of one of the the facts of life.


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