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The Knack team is not finishing The Last Guardian, despite rumors

by Joey Davidson | June 29, 2015June 29, 2015 8:20 am PST

While attending E3, you hear a whole lot in the way of rumors. Whether it’s talking to devs about their projects, PR folks about what their competitor’s are up to or fellow writers who have heard reports themselves, there’s a ton of information coming from all angles.

Take, for instance, this nugget about The Last Guardian. We hadn’t reported on it because our sources were secondary at best, but the word around E3 was that Knack developer and PlayStation 4 architect Mark Cerny was tapped to take up the mantle on The Last Guardian and finish the game for Fumito Ueda. The word was that Team Ico’s effort had become far to unwieldy and, unfortunately, not fun enough for publishing. Cerny and his crew were there to finish the game up and get it out, no matter how good or bad it was.

That was the rumor. It prevailed enough to make it all the way to Sony Worldwide Studios lead Shuhei Yoshida during an interview with Here’s Yoshida:

“The way the rumour was written is not true. Mark has been helping many of our teams, the same way he’s giving advice to The Last Guardian team, especially on the technical side – he has deep, deep knowledge of the PlayStation 4…”

So, Cerny has been attached to The Last Guardian in that he’s offering technical guidance. This was a PlayStation 3 game, after all, so Team Ico had to port it up to a completely different platform.

“Different teams need different types of help and we have the central tech group as well, these teams have also been helping too. So the rumours had it that Mark Cerny and the Knack team were finishing the game, that’s totally wrong.

I bolded that last bit for my own emphasis.

Dismiss those rumors, then. Cerny and company have become technical advisers for The Last Guardian. They have not taken over development on the game. That’s a world of difference, and it actually has me more excited for the effort than I was coming out of E3.

Joey Davidson

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