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OnePlus 2 photos show mysterious new features

by Jacob Kleinman | June 29, 2015June 29, 2015 6:30 am PST

The One Plus 2 is just a month away from an official debut, but it looks like the second-gen smartphone is already up and running. A pair of leaked photos obtained by PhoneArena show the redesigned device running what looks like a fully functional version of Android.

The new phone still looks like a OnePlus production, but there’s a few clear differences between this model and the original one. The corners look a lot curvier and the bezels on the sides seem thinner. The rear camera appears to be a lot bigger too, and there’s a second mysterious circle just below it. Maybe a fingerprint sensor?

Fans of last year’s phone should still be pretty happy. The faux metal ring around the edge of the device is still there. It’s possible the pricier OnePlus 2 could opt for actual metal, but there’s no way to know so far.

As for the software, it looks like a pretty bare bones version of Android Lollipop. We assume the OnePlus 2 will ship running the company’s own OxygenOS interface, which adds a few small tweaks without changing too much.

The OnePlus 2 is set to make its official debut on July 27 at special virtual reality event. The company is sure to reveal plenty more about the device before then though, and we’re guessing these aren’t the last leaked photos we’ll see either.


Jacob Kleinman

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