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Nintendo explains why they added “Super” to the Mario Maker name

by Joey Davidson | June 29, 2015June 29, 2015 2:40 pm PST

Super Mario Maker didn’t always feature that “Super” at the front of its moniker. No, you’re not crazy. I know I thought I was crazy. It was, in fact, originally just Mario Maker.

So, why the add? Go ahead, take a mental guess, I’ll wait…

Game Informer had a chance to ask Super Mario Maker Producer Takashi Tezuka and Director Yosuke Oshino about the game’s name specifically during E3. The response is a lot more straightforward than I thought.

“We have a couple of reasons. The first is that compared to the playable version that we saw at E3 last year, the version we have now is so much more packed with features – we feel like it’s powered up – that it makes sense to call it ‘Super’ so people would know how different it is.”

That’s cool and all, but “the biggest reason” is the one that makes the most sense.

“The biggest reason, though, is if we call it just Mario Maker, people might think it’s a tool for making all Mario games and we want people to know it’s really about Super Mario levels in particular, so we thought the name would convey that really well.”

The “Super” name indicates the presence of Super Mario World tools and levels, and that’s awesome. I know that over the course of Mario Maker‘s announcement, back before it had the super modifier, I counted myself among the crowd really hoping for the inclusion of Super Mario World levels.

Now, here we are, complete with the ability to create Yoshi. That’s awesome.

Super Mario Maker will sell for the Wii U on Sept 11, 2015.

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