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New OnePlus 2 spec will be unveiled June 25

by Brandon Russell | June 24, 2015June 24, 2015 11:00 am PDT

“We’re the first to admit it: our marketing can be rather…divisive,” OnePlus begins a blog post on Wednesday.

In it, the Chinese startup addresses backlash over its recent marketing practices, in which the company has begun to slowly unveil its next flagship. Most fans have been chomping at the bit for any morsel of OnePlus 2 information. But others feel OnePlus is taking advantage of its growing popularity by making a bigger deal out of announcements than they really are.

And that’s true to an extent. Over the past few months, the company has been extremely loud, saying it was once again going to shake up the industry with a game changer. What we got was a miniature drone and the ability to purchase the OnePlus One without an invite—nothing particularly special, at least on the level we were expecting.

But OnePlus says it has to stay loud to compensate for its small marketing budget.

“We have to stay loud and relevant to continue going toe-to-toe with the big guys,” OnePlus wrote. “We understand why many would come to the conclusion that we are vying for attention. But, that’s a very, very small part of our thinking.”

Another reason OnePlus continues to cause a ruckus is because it wants to put on a show for fans. The reason it’s revealing the OnePlus 2 piece by piece is so it can start a conversation with the community about what the device has to offer.

“When we announced USB Type-C for the OnePlus 2 yesterday, we received amazing feedback focused specifically on that decision. You feedback is an incredibly valuable asset for us.”

So far, OnePlus has announced its next flagship will include a Snapdragon 810 processor and USB Type-C, and the company says it will reveal another part on Thursday, June 25. Will it be the screen? RAM? Storage? Camera? Price? All of those details will be revealed in due time—hopefully we’ll get full details sooner rather than later.

Whenever those details hit, one thing is for sure: OnePlus it will continue to be loud, whether people like it or not.


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