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Disgaea team’s creepy teaser steps up to be the successor to P.T.

by Ron Duwell | June 24, 2015June 24, 2015 1:40 pm PST

NipponIchi, the same company responsible for the outlandish Disgaea games, is stepping up in the horror genre. Shocking, I know. As crazy as it sounds, the Japanese publisher/developer is obviously looking to capitalize on the longing fans feel for the canceled P.T. and Silent Hills with a mysterious live-action first person trailer.

The game is simply titled “New Title,” and even that has a kind of ghastly air to it.

As blatant of a copycat as this is, it’s still pretty well done and downright creepy. No P.T. though, but then again, what is? I don’t exactly think that’s Flonne or Etna popping into the frame at the 37-second mark, and the trailer ends with a bit of Japanese that translates into “Sister… can we go home?”

I gotta say though, this trailer would have been much more effective if the flashlight wasn’t stuck in such an unnatural position. Who holds a flashlight like that anyway?

More on this mysterious horror game as NipponIchi makes it available.

Ron Duwell

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