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Batman Arkham Knight is having some issues on PC

by Eric Frederiksen | June 24, 2015June 24, 2015 7:20 am PST

PC players of Batman: Arkham Knight are not thrilled with the experience so far, and they’re not afraid to voice their opinions or use that handy new refund button.

Users who pre-ordered the game or picked it up as part of NVIDIA’s free games promotion have been seeing issues with the game crashing and freezing after decrypting the downloaded files.

Users with AMD brand video cards were warned just hours before the game unlocked that the minimum specs for the game had changed with respect to AMD cards, bumping the minimum usable card up. Some users are seeing, according to VG247, frame rates as low as 5 frames per second.

AMD users aren’t the sole winners in the performance lottery, though. Even NVIDIA users with higher end cards are seeing some serious frame drops when gliding or driving the Batmobile.

Many users are seeing their frame rate locked to the same 30FPS that console users experience as a normal part of use.

Developer Rocksteady is aware of the problem and said in a forum post that they are working with their “external PC development partner” to resolve the issues. This is a hotly awaited game and bad launches like this, even when resolved quickly, can be tough to overcome. Hopefully for those that have played past the two hour mark that makes them ineligible for a refund, Rocksteady will make good on that and get things where they should be soon.

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