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Sunset Overdrive players receiving code for free in-game goods

by Joey Davidson | June 23, 2015June 23, 2015 5:30 pm PDT

If you played Sunset Overdrive in any form, there’s a really good chance you have a message waiting for you on your Xbox One. Insomniac Games is giving some content away, though it’s likely nothing major.

I checked my system this morning, and, sure enough, it was there.

Hey, it’s me Fizzie! Thanks for playing Sunset Overdrive. Here’s some in-game gear to show you our appreciation. Redeem on your console or at Drink more Overcharge! 6Q996-MD2WG-MQHWV-JFT79-MXX2Z

The token’s already redeemed, by the way. Don’t bother trying. Or do! Maybe I’m lying. Ah, the Internet. Home of probably lies.

When redeemed, the code opens up a Fizzy Loyalty Package. It’s been so long since I”ve played Sunset Overdrive, so I wasn’t readily able to tell what it added. Maybe more clothes, gear or weaponry? No idea. Some on Twitter are saying it’s the pre-order gear.

Any takers? Anyone looking to dive back into Sunset City?

Joey Davidson

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