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Microsoft asserts that it’s still not curtains for the Kinect

by Joey Davidson | June 23, 2015June 23, 2015 2:40 pm PDT

Kinect - Death 2014 - In Coffin

Maybe I’m wrong, but I counted a single passing mention of the Kinect during Microsoft’s E3 presentation this year. More specifically, the use of its features happened only once.

It was when Microsoft announced that the Xbox One would play Xbox 360 games. The Kinect was used to demonstrate that the “Xbox, take a screenshot” feature works. That was it for the camera and microphone based input, as far as I can remember.

Even further, I didn’t see the Kinect in use at all during Microsoft’s game showcase on Monday night.

Microsoft would like me to ignore all that, of course. Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg spoke with GameSpot during E3 specifically about the Kinect.

“We are absolutely continuing to support Kinect,” he offered. Greenberg explained that features like Cortana will use the hardware even further once implemented.

“We really want Kinect to be a choice for customers. For me, I love it; I turn my Xbox One with Kinect; I use it for entertainment; I use it to do screenshots and all that…

…I like to be able to have my hands on the controller and use voice commands. But, frankly, a lot of people also want a better value and don’t want to have to pay for it. So we’re not going to force people to do that. We give people the choice.”

Of course, I support that notion of customer choice. I just wonder how many Xbox gamers are actively choosing to ignore the Kinect entirely. And, at what point does it become pointless to develop for the hardware?

Do you own an Xbox One? Do you use or even own a Kinect? I have one, but it’s sitting disconnected in a box in my closet.


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