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Film Fondue: Indiana Jones reboot and more Batman v Superman news

by Brandon Russell | June 20, 2015June 20, 2015 8:00 am PDT

This week was all about video games—E3 took place in Los Angeles after all. So the world of entertainment was fairly quiet, until finally exploding later in the week. Following on the heels of some big Captain America: Civil War news, some big Star Wars: The Force Awakens leaks dropped. And now all is well in the world.

After you’re done perusing through our E3 coverage, take a gander at some of the entertainment stories you may have missed. While a lot of this news didn’t warrant posts on their own, they’re still worth mentioning here. I mean, a Kick-Ass prequel really does sound great, and I’m really hoping the Indiana Jones franchise gets a reboot. If Jurassic World can successfully reboot Jurassic Park, then, come on, Indiana Jones can make its triumphant return.

In addition to some mysterious Star Wars leaks, there were a handful of great trailers that hit, which you can follow links to at the foot of this post. And if that’s not enough, check out what’s coming to Amazon Prime Instant Video in July. Man, so much to do, so little time.

A reminder: Inside Out is out in theaters this weekend, and it’s one you really don’t want to miss.

Batman v Superman; Is Amanda Waller holding Aquaman prisoner?

This one is a bit of a stretch, but… Heroic Hollywood claims when we’re introduced to Aquaman in Batman v Superman, he’ll be in captivity. And supposedly he’s being held by Amanda Waller, who will be showing up in Suicide Squad. It all comes full circle. Waller will allegedly be in possession of Aquaman’s scepter, which is what gives her power over the King of the Sea. See? A stretch. But you never know! [HeroicHollywood via LatinoReview]

Penny Dreadful renewed for Season 3

If you like the gothic and macabre, Penny Dreadful is the perfect show for you. It took me a little while to get into the first season, but I’ve been hooked ever since; season 2 has been pretty great so far. Well, happy to say the show has been renewed for a third season, giving fans more victorian horror to look forward to. [Variety]

Damian Lewis as James Bond

I mean, I don’t hate it. But I’m not so sure Damian Lewis, who is most famous for a role in Band of Brothers, is a big enough box office draw. Right now, Lewis is going up against names like Tom Hardy, Henry Cavill, Michael Fassbender and Orlando Bloom; for me, I’m up for seeing Hardy of Fassbender, though I can see Cavill also donning the famous suit and tie. The next Bond movie, Spectre, is set for a Nov. 6, 2015 release. [Variety]

Kick-Ass prequel

I’m not happy that Kick-Ass just kind of faded off and died. After the successful first film, the second film was considered a flop, at least commercially, causing director Matthew Vaughn to ditch any future projects altogether. However, it sounds like he’s not completely done, and is considered doing a standalone prequel for Hit Girl and Big Daddy. I’d watch that. If it happens, and if it’s successful, we might even see a Kick-Ass 3. Here’s hoping. [Yahoo]

Gambit not in X-Men: Apocalypse

During a recent Reddit AMA, Channing Tatum revealed the character Gambit, a character he’ll play in a standalone movie, will not appear in X-Men: Apocalypse. Well that sucks. Instead, it sounds like we’ll just have to wait until his solo film hits theaters next year—October 7, 2016 to be exact.

First Ghostbusters images

Filming for the all-female Ghostbusters just got underway, and already there are some terrific images coming from the set. The pictures (above) show off Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy and SNL’s Kate McKinnon; still no shots of Leslie Jones, who will likely join up with the cast later. Also no sign of Chris Hemsworth, who is apparently going to play the movie’s secretary. You know, the one with the huge glasses? [JustJared]

Indiana Jones in 2018

This one was liable to pop back up. But a new rumor claims Disney is aiming to release a rebooted Indiana Jones by 2018, which isn’t that far away. Ok, so it’s three years from now, but considering what else is set to hit theaters over the next few years, Disney has a lot on its plate as it is. No word on who is involved, though a recent rumor claimed Chris Pratt is the frontrunner to play the titular archeologist.

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