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OnePlus 2 won’t be as affordable, OnePlus confirms

by Brandon Russell | June 18, 2015June 18, 2015 10:00 am PST

Now that we know OnePlus will utilize the Snapdragon 810 in its next flagship, the company is beginning to reveal even more details about what to expect. And this latest one people aren’t going to like.

In a new post to its forums on Thursday, OnePlus said that the price of the 2 “will certainly be higher than $322.” That lines up with rumors we’ve heard about the device being more expensive than the OnePlus One, no doubt due to the phone’s more expensive components.

How expensive the OnePlus 2 will be remains to be seen. The company’s first flagship started at $299, with the more expensive model going for $349. The device’s affordable price was a major part of the phone’s success, and remains among the best deals on the market today. Take that away, and you simply have a flagship like any other.

Of course, it could still be competitively priced, and we still don’t know what the actual experience will be like. But OnePlus doesn’t have the luxury of being the surprise entrant in the smartphone race this year. Instead, it will come with the expectations of competing with some of the most popular phones out there. Anything less will be considered a disappointment.

“We ask all of our fans and critics to just wait and see,” OnePlus said on Thursday. “We’re confident in our products, and we were careful to only choose components that are fit for the successor of the Flagship Killer.”

A recent rumor claimed we might see the device announced early next month, so hopefully we’re closer than ever to finally seeing the sequel in the flesh.


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