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Amazon might pay you to deliver packages

by Brandon Russell | June 17, 2015June 17, 2015 9:20 am PST


Amazon is reportedly prepping a service that would be akin to Uber for package delivery. The Wall Street Journal reports the online giant’s new initiative will be called “On My Way,” and would employ everyday plebeians to deliver the 5 pounds of gummy bears you just ordered.

To make this happen, Amazon is allegedly looking to rent retail space around busy cities, which is where delivery drivers would pick the packages up. It’s unclear what criteria a delivery driver would need to meet in order to deliver packages. The WSJ said Amazon declined to comment on the rumor, so very few details are available.

Even still, the rumored service already has experts in a tizzy. “What’s to stop these people from simply taking the packages for themselves instead of leaving it on someone’s porch?” an expert asked in the WSJ’s report.

Indeed, any schmo with a car could seemingly get certified by Amazon, and simply drive off with a brand-new Samsung curved 105-inch 4K TV. Some sort of background check system will likely be in place, but hopefully it’s not as lax as Uber’s system.

Amazon has worked diligently to speed up delivery times, so, in that respect, On My Way doesn’t sound too far-fetched. As the company’s online emporium continues to grow, the more packages will need to be delivered, especially during busy holiday times. If Amazon is indeed building an Uber-like app for delivery, it would certainly change the landscape in a big way.


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