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Nine new indie demos from Nintendo, 15-percent off main games at launch

by Ron Duwell | June 15, 2015June 15, 2015 3:20 pm PDT

Nintendo has launched an interesting initiative to boost its indie cred with the Nindies@Home program. From now until 8:59 PM on June 22, nine free demos will be available for Wii U owners to download, and those who pick them up will have the option for a 15 percent discount when the full game launches.

The obvious king of the pack is Mutant Mudds Super Challenge, a kind of expert level expansion pack for the excellent indie platformer Mutant Mudds. These level are hard as nails, so good luck to all you Mudds fans out there!

The other games joining it are:

  • Extreme Exorcism, a goofy and pixelated arcade action platformer
  • forma.8, an other-worldy exploration game in which you control a ship
  • Freedom Planet, an obvious homage to the mascot platformers of the 90s
  • Lovely Planet, very odd and abstract first-person game, looks like Proteus at first
  • Rive, a robot shooter
  • Runbow, a chaotic multiplayer platforming/racing game
  • Soul Axiom, a creepy first-person sci-fi mystery, not to be confused with Axiom Verge
  • Typoman, a creepy 2d puzzle platformer, looks a lot like LIMBO

Of course, each are free and can be downloaded and enjoyed at your leisure, but which would you like to try the most? Lovely Planet and Soul Axiom look like a good place to start… if only I could beat these blasted Mutant Mudds missions!


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