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Google promises Chrome updates as “users suffer”

by Jacob Kleinman | June 12, 2015June 12, 2015 1:00 pm EST


Google finally announced a fix for Chrome’s terrible battery drain last week with an update that pauses flash videos automatically. Now the company has revealed plans to continue to improve its popular web browser moving forward.

In a recent Google+ post, senior Chrome engineer Peter Kasting explained how his team will continue to fix its battery life issue. He also admitted that the browser is especially problematic for Mac computers before diving into a few specific ways it will improve.

First of all, background tabs will no longer be treated with the same priority as open tabs, which should put less strain on your computer. Chrome will also load Google’s search results more efficiently. Kasting backed up his claims by showing examples of how sites such as Amazon and Capital One load faster and put less strain on a system during early software tests.

“The Chrome team has no intention of sitting idly by (pun intended) when our users are suffering,” Kasting joked. “You should expect us to continually improve in this area.”

Unfortunately it could still be a few months before these updates actually roll out. You can expect the beta version to arrive in Chrome’s beta six weeks from now before hitting the official browser six weeks after that. For now you’re stuck using the current battery-draining version of Chrome or testing your luck with another browser.

Jacob Kleinman

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