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iPhone 6s frame said to fix bendgate problems

by Jacob Kleinman | June 10, 2015June 10, 2015 12:40 pm PST


Remember BendGate? Apple ran into trouble last year thanks to numerous reports showing the iPhone 6 Plus could bend, under what some would argue was minimal pressure, but it looks like the company could take extra efforts to make sure that won’t happen with its next-generation smartphone.

Tapei Times reports that Catcher, which supplies metal frames for Apple, HTC and others, is developing its toughest alloy yet. Company chairman Allen Horng admitted the switch could slow down its production cycle. Still, it may be worth it if it means a sturdier iPhone.

“It will not be a major issue for Catcher, as we keep improving our techniques,” Horng said. He added the company is expecting an even better financial quarter coming up, possibly thanks to new iPhone production.

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are expected to include plenty of upgraded hardware, including new processors, additional RAM, sharper displays and a better camera. Force Touch controls may also make the cut. Now we can add a tougher metal casing to that list.

Of course, there’s no guarantee Apple will make good on all these rumors. The company generally takes things pretty slow when it comes to upgrading the iPhone’s specs. Still, we wouldn’t be surprised if Cupertino was pushing for a tougher metal alloy after last year’s BendGate fiasco.

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