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Spotify plans answer to Apple Music family plan pricing

Spotify Video on Samsung TV

Apple wasn’t able to get the starting price for its music service below $9.99 per month, but Cupertino’s family plan is still a steal. Now it looks like Spotify may have to drop its pricing if it wants to stay competitive.

Once Apple Music launches later this month, it will include a plan that covers six people for $14.99/month. That’s a pretty good deal, especially compared to Spotify and Rdio, which have U.S. family plans that start at $14.99/month for just two people and move all the way up to $29.99/month for five people.

Speaking to The Verge, Spotify’s communications chief Jonathan Price confirmed that the company is already working on a response. “We already have similar family pricing in some markets,” he said, “and we expect to offer competitive pricing everywhere in the near future.”

Spotify currently offers a better deal in Sweden, where up to five people can share a family account for just $20 per month. Even so, the company will need to drop its family plan prices significantly if it wants to hold onto its current customers who are more interested in group pricing.

Apple Music doesn’t launch until June 30, so Spotify still has a few weeks to announce new pricing. We’ll let you know as soon as the company reveals any more details.

The Verge

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