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Epic Games’ Fortnite gets a fresh gameplay trailer, screenshots

by Joey Davidson | June 9, 2015June 9, 2015 6:30 pm PDT

Fortnite is still coming, that’s a definite. The title from Epic Games was announced what feels like forever ago, and the studio has been relatively quiet regarding its state for months.

On Monday¬†the studio went on stage to show it off during Apple’s WWDC conference, and now¬†they’ve released a fresh trailer for your consideration. You can find the minute-long clip of building and monster fighting at the head of this post.

They also released a few new screenshots. They’re the first three shots in the larger gallery below.

The very core of Fortnite is a pretty straightforward concept. You’ll gather materials and build your base during the daylight hours. When the sun sets, the monsters come, and you’ll have to defend your base either alone or with friends in order to survive.

Pretty simple.

Fortnite still doesn’t have a release date. It’s bound for the PC and Mac platforms, and Epic Games is aiming for this year, but that’s all we know. Stay tuned for more.

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