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The Witcher 3 fixes cow slaughtering exploit with Bovine Defense Force

Many fans of CD Projekt RED’s fantasy RPG The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt have stumbled across an exploit that will grant infinite money with the correct combination of bovine slaughter and meditation.

  • Kill cows,
  • collect pelts,
  • meditate for one hour,
  • wait for cows to respawn,
  • rinse in repeat until inventory is full,
  • sell pelts for crazy amounts of money.

It’s so easy a cow can do it!

Well, not anymore at least. A new patch added by CD Projekt RED has introduced us to the Bovine Defense Force. Fans were left scratching their heads at this footnote in the patch notes, but now we have a bit better understanding of what this means. Those who would commit this exploit from here on out will discover that the Bovine Defense Force is actually a giant monster that will wipe the floor with poor Geralt.

Yes. In a detestable fantasy world where human beings hang by their necks from trees around every corner, thank goodness that the cows are safe. Thanks for making your priorities known, CD Projekt RED.

You know how I feel about exploits. They are just a part of the gaming experience, and I guess I was just raised spoiled by the fact that once a game was on the market, anything goes. Twitch, achievements, and this stupid unifying notion that gamers must all be having the same experience on an even playing field has ruined that fun.

In all fairness, CD Projekt RED’s response to the exploit is bit more reasonable than others because the monster can be defeated with a lot of skill, a high enough level, and a little luck. My point is that I would have been given a pat on the back if I turned it up this little cheat in the NES days, but now all I get is a monster killing my character and a slap on the wrist. No fun for you in this single player world. Play by the rules or don’t play at all.

No, Geralt! Look out behind you!

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