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New Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare game outed by job descriptions

There’s a new Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare game coming soon. We know this not because EA has officially sent out a press release, dropped a tweet or unveiled a new trailer. No. It’s that Popcap HD posted a job description explicitly stating the case.

Two separate ads ran this week on EA’s official job board. One is looking for an Interface Designer while the other seeks a Designer/Scripter. The Scripting role will actually bring “engaging mission experiences,” which tells us we might get some sort of a campaign in the next Garden Warfare.

The Interface Designer position is more direct. “Popcap HD is looking for a talented Interface Designer to help bring the UI of a new Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare game to life.”

Nope. You can’t get much more explicit than that.

I adored Garden Warfare. I logged close to 40 hours with it on my Xbox One, and then I did the same when the game released on the PlayStation 4. It’s one of the best third person shooters released so far this generation, and I’d love to see a proper sequel from EA and Popcap.

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