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I am Bread coming to PlayStation 4 this summer, trailer raps something fierce

by Ron Duwell | June 5, 2015June 5, 2015 4:30 pm PDT

It’s a tale of self-completion. An inanimate object gains consciousness and seeks to perform the sole purpose its creators had in mind: to perfectly crisp itself on two sides to become an edible and enjoyable breakfast. This is the story of I am Bread, and console gamers now get to jump in on the fun.

Bossa Studios, developers of I am Bread and Surgeon Simulator, have revealed that its popular bread toasting simulator will be coming to the PlayStation 4 before the summer is over. For those who haven’t played it, I am Bread is a challenging puzzle game in which a piece of bread must manipulate objects around it to traverse a level and perfectly toast itself on both sides.

Of course, a toaster is not the only object that can toast bread, so gamers might have to get a little creative at times.

The announcement trailer is going to blow your 90s mind back to Bel Air… Wow, good show fellas.


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