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Amazon Echo learns another amazing trick

by Jacob Kleinman | June 5, 2015June 5, 2015 7:00 pm PDT

Looking for something new to do with your Amazon Echo? The connected speaker can already play music, answer questions, buy stuff and even check your calendar with a simple voice command. Now it can read a book to you too.

The new update adds support for Audible, the popular audio book service that’s owned by Amazon. Just walk within earshot of Echo and say “Alexa, read [book title].” Once you start a book, you can pick it up right where you left off by saying “Alexa, read my book.” You can also skip back and forth with an “Alexa, go back/forward” command.

Amazon got its start selling books online, so it’s a bit strange that the company is just now adding Audible support. To be fair, the retail giant does a lot more now. It makes sense that audio books aren’t a top priority, but we’re happy to see that they aren’t being overlooked entirely either.


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Jacob Kleinman

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