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512GB microSD card revealed, but it’ll cost you

by Jacob Kleinman | June 4, 2015June 4, 2015 10:20 am PDT


When LG unveiled the G Flex 2 earlier this year it boasted that the device could hold an extra 2 terabytes of storage in its microSD card slot. At the time it seemed totally insane, but a new 512GB microSD card is bringing us a little closer to actually taking full advantage of that feature.

Microdia unveiled its 512GB microSDXC card this week at the Computex expo in Taiwan. It features speedy data transfers up to 300MBps and increased security. CNET reports that the new card will cost an insane $1,000 when it launches next month. Clearly this product isn’t for everybody, but if you really need all that storage space this is your best option.

The California company says it’s mostly targeting photographers with the new microSD card, though hopefully the price will come down before too long. Until then, we’ll be happy sticking with a regular old 128GB card, though we’re looking forward to the day when 2TB options are just as affordable.


Jacob Kleinman

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