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New voice assistant puts Siri and Google Now to shame

by Todd Haselton | June 3, 2015June 3, 2015 8:00 pm EST

Cortana and Google Now already blow us away most of the time, and Google Now on Tap promises to bring even more contextual information to our fingertips in Android M. Siri… well, let’s just say Siri needs to get a little smarter. Now all three are starting to look a bit less impressive, however, thanks to a new app called “Hound” from the makers of SoundHound.

The app, currently in an invite-only beta, allows you to ask incredibly detailed questions like “when will the sun rise in Japan two days before Christmas in 2021?” That’s just one demo question posted in a video on Reddit,¬†where you’ll see the voice engine answer almost immediately.

It can use that intelligence for other things, too, like booking a hotel inside of a price range with a specific star rating in a particular location, and it’ll even play Blackjack with you. course, it can also do everything that SoundHound does, like identify the music you’re listening to.

Hit the source to download the app now. You’ll need to request an invite, and we don’t know how often they’re being sent out, but we’re glad to wait to try this app out. Google Play Reddit

Todd Haselton

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