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New ‘Ant-Man’ TV spot brings the humor

by Brandon Russell | June 2, 2015June 2, 2015 12:40 pm PST

A fresh TV spot for Ant-Man was released on Tuesday, and although it’s light on new footage, it’s more aimed at hyping up Paul Rudd’s superhero debut. The actor, best known for his comedy roles (and his refusal to age), is stepping into new territory by donning the Ant-Man suit. He’s still got that trademark sense of humor, but he’s learned some new skills as a crafty thief, and someone with enough gumption to save the world. Go figure.

The earlier trailers painted Ant-Man as someone looking for redemption, doing what he can to protect his family. These latest looks, however, have mostly focused on his relationship with Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas), who made the Ant-Man suit. I have a feeling that relationship will come to an abrupt end at some point in the movie. Ant-Man is set to hit theaters on July 17.

Marvel released a handful of new photos from the set of Ant-Man just this morning, which you can peep here.

Brandon Russell

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