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Marvel releases awesome new ‘Ant-Man’ images

by Brandon Russell | June 2, 2015June 2, 2015 10:00 am PST

Paul Rudd’s debut as Ant-Man is a little over a month away, yet, as far as Marvel movies go, we haven’t seen that much of the superhero. There have been a few trailers, but for the most part this project has been kept mostly under wraps, either because Marvel doesn’t want to spoil the surprise, or a live-action Ant-Man just isn’t compelling cinema. My inclination is that Marvel doesn’t want to spoil what’s to come. Having Paul Rudd as the superhero will already be enough to interest audiences, and I think the less details we know, the better.

That said, Marvel has released a handful of new screenshots for the film, revealing a few minor details of what to expect. Longtime Ant-Man fans will already be abreast with what happens, more or less, in the film. Ant-Man will follow thief Scott Lang as he and Dr. Hank Pym struggle to protect the Ant-Man technology from various threats, including Corey Stoll, who eventually becomes Yellowjacket.

Ant-Man always seemed like an unusual choice for a big screen adaptation, but many people love the character, so we’ll reserve judgement until we actually see the film. And, hey, the film’s release isn’t that far away: July 17. Ant-Man will wrap up Marvel’s Phase 2, before things really start to pick up with Captain America: Civil War early next year.

Be sure to check out the newest Ant-Man TV spot released on Tuesday as well!


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