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Batman: Arkham Knight has New Game+ and no loading screens

A recent developer diary from Rocksteady Studios regarding Batman: Arkham Knight has made two interesting revelations about the game.

First up, let’s talk loading screens (or, apparently, lack-there-of).¬†Director Sefton Hill stated during the presentation that the game will not feature any throughout the course of play.

“You can play from the start of the game to the end of the game and you won’t see any loading screens. That’s all a really big important thing for us.”

It’s interesting to wonder where Rocksteady will have the game load important sequences. I’m still in love with Mass Effect elevators by the way. Loading screens aside, Hill also confirmed that the game will have a New Game+ which carries all experience points and Riddler trophies over.

“You can do some of the challenges from earlier on in the game but with a whole new suite of gadgets you never had the first time or the upgrades.¬†And any Riddler trophies that you’ve found are shared on both playthroughs.”

Aside from these two points, Hill also dives into a few of Batman’s new gadgets like an EMP device and a drone hacker. Be sure to watch the presentation above.

Batman: Arkham Knight will launch June 23 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Ron Duwell

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