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LEGO Worlds goes live on Steam Early Access, gets new trailer

by Eric Frederiksen | June 1, 2015June 1, 2015 11:00 am PST

News about a new LEGO game – not a movie-licensed LEGO title, or the upcoming LEGO Dimensions toys-to-life game, but something else: LEGO Worlds. It turns out it was closer than we could’ve guessed.

LEGO Worlds is now up on Steam Early Access, and today we have a trailer showing off what the team at TT Games hopes people will get out of it.

From the look of the trailer and the description on the game’s Steam page, LEGO Worlds looks to be a single-player game in the vein of Minecraft, but on steroids. It has the exploration, creation, and openness of a sandbox game like that, but the building options look to be much more robust. Options for building large structures and modifying terrain are baked into the game from the start rather than being modded in. If you want to create a giant snowman, you can build a sphere out of LEGO bricks with the sphere tool. You can place entire houses in one click if you like.

The game looks to have tons of ways to customize your character and play with your world, as well. The trailer shows off a drilling machine, a dragon you can ride, a bazooka, and more. There are treasures hidden throughout the world as well, presumably unlockable items or something like that. Real-life LEGO sets are built into the game as well.

Since it’s in early access, new features could be added. Multiplayer might be difficult to get working the way LEGO wants, but it’s a possibility. No word yet on mod support, but if it can be done, fans will find a way. If the game is successful, I could imagine licensed DLC packs so that you can bring things like LEGO Star Wars into the mix as well, though again there’s no official word on that.

LEGO Worlds is $14.99 on Steam Early Access, available right now.

Eric Frederiksen

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