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Exclusive ‘Jurassic World’ content can be seen at Best Buy

Nearly 14 years since the last film was released—and more than 20 years since Jurassic Park first came out—we’re just a few weeks away from Jurassic World. And while there are more than enough clips and trailers to digest, Best Buy is offering an exclusive experience at more than 500 of its stores across the U.S. to create additional hype around the movie.

The retailer on Monday announced customers who hope to learn a little more about the upcoming movie can see a “big reveal” on Samsung’s new SUHD TVs in Best Buy stores. So, yeah, this is a multi-layered cross-promotion between Universal Pictures, Best Buy, and Samsung, but a fun one at least. The “big reveal,” I’m guessing, is the new genetically modified dinosaur we’ve been seeing a lot of over the past few months.

And if that wasn’t enough, Best Buy will also let consumers explore a Jurassic environment using Samsung’s Gear VR at 350 of its stores nationwide. Yet another reason why film should continue to explore the possibilities VR has to offer. (Hopefully the VR experience will soon come to Samsung’s Milk VR service for a wider audience to see.)

To find a store near you that’s offering an inside look at Jurassic World, follow this link. Jurassic World hits theaters on June 12.


Brandon Russell

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