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Class of Heroes 2G Adventures coming to PSN on June 2

by Ron Duwell | June 1, 2015June 1, 2015 4:10 pm PST

Never played a Class of Heroes game before? I can’t really blame you. I’ve only dipped into one, rather unsuccessfully I might add, but the series does have its loyal fanbase willing to shell out a lot of money for the limited run copies of Class of Heroes 2G Adventures for the PlayStation 3.

If you are at all interested in checking this game out, it will be far more readily available from this week. Publisher Gaijinworks is bringing the game to PlayStation Network on June 2, emphasizing the beauty and joy of an infinitely available product.

Class of Heroes 2G Adventures is an HD remake of Class of Heroes 2 for the PSP with more job classes, races, monsters, dungeons, etc. Basically, it’s an even deeper rabbit hole to fall down. These are best described as being PlayStation’s answer to Atlus’ Etrian Odyssey games on the Nintendo DS and 3DS. Both are cute first-person RPGs designed to replicate the feel of old Wizardy and Might & Magic dungeon crawlers, but the difference here is that Class of Heroes tosses out the relative accessibility from Etrian Odyssey and adds just a stupid amount of impenetrable depth.

I didn’t put Class of Heroes down because it was “bad.” Far from it. I put it down because it requires just an obnoxious level of dedication to make any progress in the game. I’m saving it for a rainy day or a long intercontinental flight back home. As you can guess, I would prefer to play these on my Vita, but the PlayStation 3 version will be there for you console hounds from this week.

Class of Heroes 2G Adventures will be available for download on PlayStation Network from June 2.

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