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Apple said to pay extra for old iPhones in June

Apple will apparently pay more than normal for your used iPhones this month through its Reuse and Recycle system. 9to5Mac reports that the company is offering extra store credit when you bring in an iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s to a U.S. store.

For the older iPhone 4s, you’ll get up to $50 in credit instead of the usual $35, while the iPhone 5 is now worth $100 of store credit up from $85. The iPhone 5s gets the biggest increase, from $175 up to $200 in credit. Of course, these amounts vary depending on the type of condition your phone is in. 9to5Mac also notes that Amazon often offers better trade-in deals for old iPhones, so it’s probably worth checking both offers before giving up your device to either company.

It’s unclear exactly why Apple is boosting its trade-in offers for June, though we assume the company is simply trying to drive up sales for its newer smartphones. If you’re still holding onto an old iPhone, this is your chance to upgrade for cheap. It’s also a good opportunity to unload any extra iPhones you might have lying around.


Jacob Kleinman

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