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LG G5 rumored to feature new eye-scanning technology

by Jacob Kleinman | May 28, 2015May 28, 2015 8:20 am PST


Fingerprint scanning smartphones are become more and more popular, but the dream of an eye scanning handset—that works well—is still on the horizon. A new report from WhoWiredKorea claims that LG’s flagship phone for 2016, presumably called the LG G5, will feature an iris reading sensor.

LG may already have the technology it needs thanks to IRIENCE, a Korean company focused on eye scanning sensors. The firm apparently needs a few more months to improve its recognition rate, which may explain why the feature won’t be included in LG’s upcoming flagship expected later this year.

Once the LG G5 does launch, it could put a big focus on security, especially when it comes to mobile payments, thanks to that built-in eye scanner. Of course there’s no guarantee the technology will actually make it into the final product. This is just a rumor, so we wouldn’t take it as fact until LG actually unveils an iris-reading smartphone.

Still, it’s exciting to think about. Just a few years ago a smartphone with a built-in fingerprint reader seemed like science fiction. Now it’s quickly becoming the industry standard. In a few more years the same may be true for iris scanners.


Jacob Kleinman

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