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Google Photos unveiled as new home for photos and videos

by Jacob Kleinman | May 28, 2015May 28, 2015 10:38 am PDT

Speaking during Google I/O 2015, Google’s head of photos Anil Sabharwal introduced Google Photos, a “home for all of your photos and videos.” It’s available from all devices and will replace the existing product inside Google+.

“We thought that taking more photos and videos would make it easier to relive the moments that matter,” he said. “But it’s actually made it harder. How often do we spend time just scrolling and scrolling to find the one photo we want? What if we could use Google’s unique capabilities to help people take back control of their digital lives?”

The app automatically backs up photos from phones, computers, camera memory cards and more. It also lets you easily jump back to different moments in time with a slide bar, or you can pinch to zoom out to different months or years. The photos can be stored locally, but they’re also stored up in the cloud — complete with videos, montages and more.

“We want to take the work out of photos,” Sabharwal said, noting that it will automatically organize galleries by people, places and things. Inside the app, you can share directly to any service or app, such as Facebook or Twitter. One of my favorite features, however, is a new option that lets you drag and select a group of photos for quick sharing. If you share a gallery of photos, it will take you to Google’s Photos website, which won’t require any login or download on the receiver’s end to view the gallery. That person can then opt to save the entire gallery to his or her Photos app.

Search also works well — you can tap a person’s face to view all photos with him or her in it, or search for something like “snowstorm in Vermont” to see all photos snapped while you were in a snowstorm up in Vermont.

Swiping left brings up a new Photos Assistant feature, which suggests creations you can save, like automatically edited photos and videos. This sounds a lot like the Auto Awesome feature that’s already available in Photos for Google+.

Google Photos now offers unlimited photo storage for free, and the original resolution up to 16MP is kept intact while 1080p videos are also stored It will be available to everyone on iOS, Android and the Web today.

Jacob Kleinman

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