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Apple Maps transit support will be limited at launch

by Brandon Russell | May 27, 2015May 27, 2015 4:00 pm PST

NYC subway

When transit directions hit iOS 9 next month, the service will only support a handful of cities around the world. The service’s rollout will be painfully slow in the beginning, though there’s a chance it could grow substantially over the coming months, according to a report published Tuesday. However, considering Apple Maps has taken years to evolve into a usable service, the bar isn’t exactly high.

San Francisco and New York City are reportedly in Apple’s initial plans, according to 9to5Mac, but that’s it for the U.S.; no other major American cities, including Chicago or Los Angeles, are mentioned. The other major locations in Apple’s plans include London, Toronto, Paris and Berlin. China is also going to be part of the service’s initial rollout, though Apple will need to rely on a third-party for the transit data.

“While these are the planned cities for this fall’s iOS 9 launch, Apple is already working on its next round of cities,” 9to5Mac said. “Apple considers Boston, Massachusetts and Tokyo, Japan as its next two priority cities after the initial launch.”

The silver lining of this report is that Apple can add new transit data dynamically, which means users won’t have to wait for an annual update cycle when their city is added. Instead, Apple can just add new public transit maps throughout the year.

Apple’s new transit service should be unveiled at WWDC in early June, so we’ll see what the company has in store soon.


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