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YotaPhone 3 and YotaPhone 2c: Here’s what’s coming next from Yota

by Jacob Kleinman | May 26, 2015May 26, 2015 2:20 pm EST


The YotaPhone 2 began its journey to the U.S. last week, but the Russian company is already planning its future smartphones. We recently spoke to Yota’s Managing Director for the Americas, Matthew G. Kelly, who revealed plans for a YotaPhone 3 and a YotaPhone 2c in the not-too-distant future.

The YotaPhone 3 will offer better specs, including a faster processor (likely from Qualcomm) a sharper display and a better E Ink screen in back. You can also expect more RAM (up from 2GB on the YotaPhone 2), a more powerful camera, and a thinner design overall. When the YotaPhone 3 actually launches may depend on its predecessor’s success, though it looks like the current YotaPhone is already a hit here in the U.S.

“We have a next-generation product lined up,” Kelly told TechnoBuffalo. “We can’t sell our next generation until we sell our current one. Carriers are interested, but a lot hinges on how well the YotaPhona 2 does.”

Kelly also confirmed plans for a cheaper YotaPhone 2c, which he says is “definitely in the works.” It may even launch this year. Again, it all depends on how well the current model sells. “We pumped a lot of premium specs into YotaPhone 2, but based on market feedback, a lot of people said they could do without certain features. So YotaPhone 2c is in the works if people want it.”

Rumors of a YotaPhone 3 and YotaPhone 2c surfaced earlier this year when the company’s plans for a U.S. launch first leaked out. At the time, these devices were just rumors with no evidence to back them up. Now we know for a fact that Yota is working on two new handsets: a flagship follow-up and a budget-friendly option. It’s possible those plans could change depending on how the YotaPhone 2 is received, but it seems safe to assume that new models are on the way.

Jacob Kleinman

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