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Dragon Quest creator teases a new game for PlayStation platforms

by Ron Duwell | May 26, 2015May 26, 2015 7:30 pm PST

Dragon Quest III

Dragon Quest XI confirmed for PlayStation 4? Series creator Yuji Horii hasn’t exactly been silent about the prospect, and he’s still dropping hints like they’re gold after a random JRPG battle… that means quite frequently for those of you who aren’t as nerdy as me.

Speaking at an event launching Dragon Quest Heroes in South Korea, Horii didn’t back down from a question aimed at the prospect of a Dragon Quest on the PlayStation. A member of the audience challenged him, saying it had been nearly a decade since the two brands collided in Dragon Quest VIII, and Horii replied with a roundabout answer.

“While I can’t say anything about it for now, we just may announce something about that in the near future,” he said in response to the prospect.

Seems like a logical fit. The Wii U’s limelight is over in Japan, and nobody is really buying the Xbox One. Horii stated that he wanted his next Dragon Quest to feel like an old-fashioned single-player adventure with just a relationship between a gamer and his television. A decade of handheld games and MMORPGs has really taken a toll on him. The PlayStation 4 is the only place that it can really happen given that the system is finally catching on in its home country.

I mean, if Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid can’t put Sony’s console on an upward path, then Dragon Quest certainly will. If not, I’m not sure what would stand a chance in Japan.

Look forward to it, as long as Square Enix commits to localizing it.


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