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Android’s new Google Photos app leaks out early

Google is expected to announce a new photo service at Google I/O later this week, and thanks to this leak, we get to take a look at its new Android app early. It comes with a whole bunch of new features and a revamped user interface, plus a new editing tool called Photos Assistant.

An early copy of the new Photos app was obtained by Android Police, which has published a whole bunch of screenshots that show the app in action. Like a lot of Google apps, it comes with a quick how-to guide that appears when you open the app for the first time.

The guide walks you through a number of the app’s key features, including search, sharing, and auto-upload. Some of them you’ll already be familiar with, because they’re already present in Google’s existing Photos app for Android.

For instance, search lets you find photos with specific people, animals, or objects; while auto-upload continues to send your photos and videos to the cloud automatically to keep them backed-up (providing you give it permission to do so). But there are plenty of new additions as well.

You’ll instantly notice the new user interface, which splits photos into days, months, or a “comfortable view.” When you find a photo you wish to edit or share, you can pinch outwards to open it, and then swipe it away again when you’re done.

To select multiple images for sharing, deleting, or sorting, you can drag your finger around the screen — just like you would drag a mouse pointer to select multiple items on a PC. By far the biggest change with the new Photos app, however, is Photos Assistant.

Assistant replaces the Auto Awesome feature Google currently offers, and “allows users to create their own goodies including albums, movies, stories, animations, or collages,” Android Police explains. The editing interface is also much-improved. will reportedly give users a web-based interface for the Photos service when it launches, but right now, it simply redirects to Google+ Photos, which will be replaced by the new Photos app.

Hopefully that will happen later this week at Google I/O — the app certainly appears to be ready for prime time — but Google may make us wait until Android M makes its public debut this fall.

Android Police

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