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These images reveal the secrets behind Apple Watch retail displays

by Killian Bell | May 21, 2015May 21, 2015 5:07 am PDT

The Apple Watches you’ll find on display in Apple retail stores look and function just like regular models, but they are equipped with special straps that keep their batteries charged and prevent them from being stolen. New photos reveal exactly how they work.

Although you can’t buy an Apple Watch in-store yet, you can play around with one before deciding whether you should buy one. The ones you’ll find in Apple stores are fitted to a fancy stand alongside a built-in iPad mini, which displays information about the new wearable.

They’re also equipped with special straps that take advantage of the Watch’s hidden diagnostic port. An integrated Lightning connector keeps the device charged up all day while it’s on show, while the strap itself secures the Watch to its stand so it cannot be taken away.

“On the back of the display box is what appears to be either a Lightning port or USB-C connection,” 9to5Mac reports. “This implies that perhaps the box itself contains a battery that is charged every night and used to power the Watch and iPad for the next day.”

The Lightning connector on the Watch also marries it with the iPad mini, so that when you open an app on the Watch, the tablet automatically displays the appropriate information.

It’s incredibly clever, and it shows the lengths Apple goes to to present its devices to customers while giving them the freedom to try them out. With wearables in particular, it’s particularly important to see what they look like and how they feel before deciding whether you want to wear them.

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