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Google Tone for Chrome lets you share links with a sound

by Jacob Kleinman | May 20, 2015May 20, 2015 2:20 pm PDT

Google may be a massive billion dollar company, but it’s still a place where weird ideas can come to fruition. Case in point: Google Tone, a new Chrome extension that lets you share a link with anyone nearby using the speakers in your computer.

Tone was actually developed by chance at Google, but it quickly caught on and now it’s getting a public release. Once you download it and turn it on you’ll see a small megaphone show up in the top right corner of your browser. Click it to share whatever URL you currently have open with anyone else who’s also using Tone.

Google researchers Alex Kauffmann and Boris Smus note that Tone is a great tool for pranking your friends and coworkers. However, it’s also a pretty clever way to work as a group during meetings or study sessions. Sharing a link with everyone in the room instantly over audio is a lot easier than sending an instant message or even using a group chat.

It’s also very private. The sound won’t pass through walls, so only the people in the room will be able to access your link. Google admits that not every laptop will work with Tone every time. However, it’s very easy to resend a link if it doesn’t work at first.

Hit the source link below to try Tone for yourself, though you’ll need at least one friend to actually send your links to.

Jacob Kleinman

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