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48-hour Motorola sale brings big discounts on Moto X, Moto 360, Nexus 6 in U.K.

Motorola U.K. will kick off a two-day sale on its latest and greatest devices starting Monday, May 18. Fans will be able to take advantage of big discounts on the Moto X, Moto 360, and the Nexus 6.

Motorola’s biggest reduction will be on the Moto X, its flagship smartphone for 2014. The company is slashing £96 (approx. $151) off its regular price, which brings the 16GB model down to just £299 (approx. $470), and the 32GB model down to £339 (approx. $533).

If you prefer a slightly more recent device with a significantly larger display, you can also save £30 (approx. $47) on the Nexus 6. The 32GB model will be reduced to £449 (approx. $706), while the top-of-the-line 64GB model will be £519 (approx. $816).

If you’d like your new smartphone to be accompanied by a smartwatch, you’ll be pleased to hear Motorola is also knocking £50 (approx. $79) off the Moto 360, which is still one of the best and most attractive Android Wear watches you can buy, with a great set of specifications.

Normally priced at £199 (approx. $314) through Motorola’s own online store, the Moto 360 will be just £150 (approx. £236) starting tomorrow.

Remember: this is a 48-hour sale, so prices will go back up at the end of the day on Tuesday, May 19.

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