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Walmart goes after Amazon with new shipping service

by Brandon Russell | May 14, 2015May 14, 2015 4:00 pm PDT


Going into a Walmart store is like stepping into a vortex of loneliness and despair. But, according to the Associated Press, you may never have to set foot in one of the company’s retail stores ever again

Walmart says it’s toying with the idea of offering a service similar to Amazon Prime, giving customers the opportunity to get speedier shipping without the extra cost. The service is expected to undercut Prime’s $99 membership fee, coming in somewhere around the $50 range, the report says. That fee, however, only includes shipping, which should take no longer than three days.

That’s just a portion of Amazon’s Prime service; the online retailer also offers music streaming and a huge library of free movies, which means Walmart’s offer is—at least right now—seemingly focused on expanding its online presence. Because why subject yourself to the desperation of a Walmart store when you can get all your shopping done online?

Walmart is apparently looking for customer feedback to determine the service’s fate. For now, the service will be invite-only, and offer access to one million items.

Is that enough to pry you away from Prime?


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